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Please, sign our Guestbook, especially if you enjoyed the visit :). Thanks!

Proszę, wpiszcie się do naszej księgi gości, szczególnie jeśli wizyta sprawiła Wam radość :). Dziękujemy!

21 thoughts on “Guestbook / Księga Gości

  1. I have enjoyed browsing your delightful website.

    Much Love


  2. Bardzo fajna blog, na pewno nie raz tu jeszcze zajrzę. Pozdrawiam

  3. Hi Mary, Adam, Jakub, Stefan, Patryk & Baby Benon

    Congratulations on your newly enlarged family. We are members of your Schoenstatt group and have just learned about your wonderful news. Your new son (as with your other sons) is absolutely beautiful.

    Mary and Adam, your website is inspirational! We would love to learn how we could create one for our family history. It is such a fantastic idea and creates a memorable record of all of the important things in family life.

    Well done and enjoy!

    See you all soon xx

    Fiona & Jim
    Andrew & Michael xxx

  4. Loved the album of you all and the beautiful new arrival! My favourite uncle by marriage is Polish and the Polish on your site reminds me of him. Love to you all and prayers and good wishes for much happiness – and enough sleep!


  5. Just visiting- Hello from Vancouver, the 2010 Olympic city!

  6. Hi, Adam and Mary Frances, just been looking at all your brilliant photos, and I have downloaded many of them. I checked a good few of your sites, Adam. Quite a collection. How the world of communication has changed in 20 years! When do you think we will be able to smell and taste food through the internet! Electronic haggis! On yer bike!

  7. What a great website! I see that you keep it up to date with a news section; that’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to exploring this site over the next few days. It was wonderful meeting everyone. Your boys are lovely. My best wishes to all of you and I’m looking forward to hearing about my new little cousin that’s arriving in June. Love, Kathleen

  8. I have tears in my eyes from laughing. I just watched the film clip of Jakob playing the piano. He’s very good. It’s amazing that he can keep attention on the music with his brothers running madly about and ‘singing’. LOL. That was most enjoyable! I might watch the clip a few more times. LOL

  9. This is George Ryan.

    Hi, Mary Francis. I’m never going on Top Gun with you again. My head was bursting.
    Congratulations! A new baby to add to your five beautiful boys.
    Love, George

    Mary Francis, George is telling me stories about how you all heading to Ireland with Tom and Noreen when Colm was just a baby. He had me laughing. I told him about staying with your mother and meeting you, Adam and the boys.

    Love, Kathleen

  10. Hi Adam,

    How would your family like the Glutinous Cake for Dragon-boat Festival?
    And, I think your address is still the old one, isn’t it?


  11. The Dragon Cakes were very good indeed, especially the meaty one. Thank you, Xue. Our son Patryk was doing a project in school on China. Here is a fiery dragon he drew in his class. 🙂 Do you like it?

  12. Hi Adam

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~~~~~~!!!!
    Best wishes to your lovely family~~~~~


  13. Hi Adam,

    How is everything? Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!!

    Xue & Taibo

  14. Thank you Xue! All the best to you both too. I hope you have a good holiday break and a much better 2021, compared to what we had this year.
    Best wishes from all the Dyśkos.

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