Holidays 2020

Due to lock-down, holidays this year have been quite different to what we are normally used to. No long car journeys, no visiting of relatives or friends, no swimming pools, foreign counties, or sightseeing, basically no holiday adventure as we know it. Yet, we still managed to mobilise a decent crowd of people, including our not-so-outgoing boys, and achieved four fantastic Scottish hill walks!

No 1: Tinto Hill (711 m)
No 2: Ben A’an (461 m)
No 3: Conic Hill (361 m) and Loch Lomond
No 4: Doughnut Hill (375m)

That is a combined height of 1908 m (6,258.24 ft) or two munros in Scottish terms. Even if not not quite the crazy National Three Peaks Challenge, it was a decent achievement for us, i.e. four small hills in three weeks rather then three highest peaks in 24h. In total we managed to get 63 bodies, some quite naturally lazy and some still quite tiny, up those hills and into the wild. One could easily argue that we did have a great holiday adventure after all! 🙂

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